Ableton Link

Link SDK is free.
Do you think , in sometime, implement ableton link on Cubasis IOS?

Thanks in Advance

I’m all for Link as well. Hope it gets added soon.

Ableton Link is a real good thing. Easy to use.

Hi all,

LINK support is on our list, but we’re not able to provide a date when to expect the feature to be included in Cubasis as of yet.


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How long do we have to continue suffer with 20 year old sync monster called midi, til Steinberg implements Ableton link? :frowning:

Hi JayZen,

Cubasis follows a clear strategy and thoughtful roadmap with the output of regular releases filled with many user-requested features including maintenance updates.

All of this is managed by a fairly small skilled team that often works 247 to meet deadlines and achieve the goals set.

Following and maintaining this road requires careful planning and accurate estimation of individual features per update in receiving scopes at manageable costs and to satisfy our customers best possible.

While we fully agree that Ableton Link plus Ableton Live Export would be a very great Cubasis feature addition, its implementation and testing requires greater efforts and costs.

As with the past, new features will be announced once they become available with an update.


Hi there , is it really 1 1/2 year since it is on the to do List ? I just bought Cubasis and i was so sure that it Supports Ableton link…as Any tiny app does… Even if i like Cubasis somehow, i Could bite my Ass, that i didnt Buy Beatmaker 3…and its even Lower in price.

Ableton Link would definitely be a great feature to have. Will it make version 2.5?

Hi Rich303,

Ableton Link support is on our list for quite some time.
Since the feature comes at high cost development-wise, we have no further information available, when it can be added.


If you could get the Midi Clock bug fixed there would be some kind of workaround for missing Link support.
I wonder how cheaper and half assed apps got Link to work…

Thanks Lars. I’m okay to wait for it. :slight_smile:

We’ve been waiting for quite some time now, haven’t we?

Hi all,

At this point I have no further information, when Ableton Link support might become available in Cubasis.


It’s easy for apps like drum machines or synths where all they are doing is changing the tempo, much harder if you have to work with audio files that would need real time stretching especially if your app was created before Ableton link was even a thing.

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Intua added Ableton Link 2(!) years ago…
And they also had to deal with audio files!

I have also used Intua for this

Just adding my request also.

Thank you so much for Cubasis, it is very excellent in every way! Adding Link would just put it over the top.

I am running it with Behringer XTouch and Externder in MCU mode, connected to Xone 96 and 3 Xone K2s. It is incredible!

All love

Hi @lumaport,

Thank you for your message and the kind words - greatly appreciated.

Ableton Link Support remains to be on our list. Nevertheless we do not have any date available unfortunately.

Thanks again
& stay safe.

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As a workaround, you can load apeMatrix into a Midi track as an IAA instrument and turn on Ableton Link in apeMatrix. apeMatrix syncs to Cubasis via IAA and that works very good, start, stop, tempo. When you record there is some latency, though. But probably that could be solved by aligning buffer sizes.


I’m a relatively new Cubasis user, very happy to have it available and working so well on Android. It’s such a well thought out and impressive app - Thank you!

I know it would involve precious development work effort, but just to add another request for Ableton Link support, and to please include the Android version when Link support is added!


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