Ableton Live 10.1.7 not loading padshop2

On my my mac (mojave 10.14.6), every time I load padshop 2 it fails with this error with ableton live:

eLicenser Control - Error

Application '' has caused the following error: 
Application '' could not be started. Probably the file is corrupted or incompatible, or file access permissions are set incorrectly.
Please download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control software from


 - Click <Ok> to abort.

It loads fine on Reaper though, so I assumed it had something to do with the Automation permissions which were given in Reaper for but did appear (even as a request somehow) for Ableton live. I tried the following without success:

  1. Reinstall Padshop 2
  2. Reinstall Ableton Live
  3. Reset all Permissions with “tccutil reset All” and again, the request was made for Reaper but not Ableton Live with a recurrence of the above error.

Any help to resolve this would be appreciated


I suspect this may be a Live issue that should be fixed in 10.1.9 when it finally gets released.

From the 10.1.9b2 release notes:

  • eLicenser protected plug-ins are working again on Mojave/Catalina.

Ok, that sounds promising. Thanks for letting me know.