Ableton Live 11 project to Cubase

I just received a Live 11 project with a bunch of tracks. Seems Rewire doesn’t work with Cubase 11 and Live 11 anymore from what I read on the support page of Ableton.

I was hoping to just rewire the project, but it won’t work for me.

What do you guys suggest is the best solution for me? should I just reset all panning and volume and export as wav files, then import to Cubase and do all the tweaks from scratch?

i’ve been down this road before. i was coming from a Live 9.x project and needed to export it to ProTools 10/11. Since Ableton has no AAF support - it’s not a matter of keeping all the audio start points and mixer settings unfortunately (Ableton does not support BWF for example). If Ableton could export as AAF, you’d be all set in Cubase.
but they don’t. I’ve asked Ableton about that for years and i’m afraid i won’t be holding my breath for it to appear ever. so, short of wishful thinking, yes, you would export everything as .wavs by freeze/flattening all plugin tracks and then import all tracks as audio into Cubase and remix. You could also import midi and open all plugins and redo midi tracks as well. to get timing correct you’d need to start the wav’s from the beginning of a well defined bar number, or if you don’t want to hassle with bar #s you could just start all wav’s from in Ableton. then just start everything from in Cubase. Rewire has become much more of a pain to use these days especially since Ableton introduced Link which i find to be the best way to synchronize daws today if your daws or sequencers support it.