Ableton Push 2 Script and App in development

I’m in the process of creating an Ableton Push 2 script. The only way I’ve figured out to create this requires additional MIDI and interface processing outside of Steinberg’s software. So unfortunately it’s not as simple as just a script (I think). I actually have not looked into the MIDI Remote API yet. Maybe writing Javascript is a reasonable approach. I will need to research that later.

However, if you’re familiar with Shove, I’m creating something similar to that BUT I don’t have any updates on distribution yet. There are some license issues I’ll need to research.

Just wanted to share that we may soon have actual, thorough Push 2 control.


Any news on the Push2 topic?

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I’ve created a bespoke solution that works pretty well. However, based on my additional research, it will take some more time to create a solution can distribute effectively. Right now it’s quirky but still works.

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That sounds excellent. Is there a possibility to test some kind of beta? I have some experience in beta testing for some plugin developers.

Yes but also there’s a chance to try this alpha version. Do you own Max/MSP?

This is a wonderful news. I really hope you make it. I’ve been waiting for this moment for an exceptionally long time. Best luck.

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Any news? It would be an instabuy for me!

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Yes. I made some progress. Right now I’m stuck on optimizing the grid. Basically there are so many ways to address that. People sometimes what chromatic keys. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they want different scales.

Perhaps you can offer some insight.

  • How do you prefer to use the grid on the Push 2?
  • Would you be interested in a script that only works with the non-Note buttons? That’s what I’ve setup so far.
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any updates on your software? for some reason shove doesn’t work for me in Cubase 12. it doesn’t show up in the midi inputs. any ideas why? thanks,

i prefer to use the grid in exactly the same way it is used in Shove.

EDIT nvm, i forgot to install loopmidi. shoves working now thank goodness. very interested in your software though.

I am considering selling my Push 2.

Should I or should wait a bit longer ?

Thank you

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You can build an executable file from MAX/MSP for Mac and Windows.

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I think with the beta version I was working on, it would be better that people can tinker and edit it. Also, I’m using packages in one of my beta versions that I don’t believe I’m allowed to package into an executable.

Well, that’s a big Ableton Live type question.

Controller Version
The Push 3 brings MPE if that interests you. So this is nice. It also come with an audio interface which includes ADAT. I use ADAT in my studio and I find it very convenient but it requires an additional investment to get the most out of it. It’s only useful if you plan on doing multi-track recording.

Standalone Version
If you’re focused on performing then the Push 3 is great. If you’re focused on composition or sound design, the Push 3 is half baked.

For those following this topic, I made the mistake of trading in my Push 2 for Push 3. My previous scripts do not entirely work with the Push 3. I will need to revise some things. However, getting the Push 3 interface buttons to work is generally fine. Getting the Push 3 pads to work as desired is likely complicated. The API for the device is not out yet.