Ableton re-wire

Hi I am havin trouble with re-wireing Live in to Cubase Studio 4. I have Live v7, using focusrite pro 14 and there Safire mix control (which is possibly the problem?). I can re-wire as per the tutorial and I get a signal bussed to Cubase so I load an instrument I can get the signal into Mix L and Mix R channel created by the rewire buttons. The signal is ok but I cannot record apart from the midi data. Ie, If I load a clip that loops I want to record that as say an audio channel to mix down into my track? Still with me? Basically, I am getting a signal but can’t see how to record it into cubase? Any ideas most gratefully recieved.



Not sure I get you, but what if you route the Instrument track to a group and the group to an audio track to record?