Ableton Rewire to Cubase

Hi all, I have tried to rewire Ableton to Cubase but I cant get it working.
I used to have Reason rewired to cubase with no problems, and now I cant seem to get ableton to rewire at all.
Can anyone give me tips on how to set the rewire up??

There are a lot of missing details in your question … so I’ll just state how it would normally be done.

  1. Open Cubase.
  2. Open Ableton (it probably will say it is in slave mode).
  3. In Cubase> Device open the Rewire panel for Ableton (if you don’t see Ableton in the Device drop down, there is something else wrong.)
  4. The Rewire panel will show as many channels as you have set up your outs in Ableton, but at least the Master Stereo. Click on the button in the panel to activate it in the Cubase Mixer.
  5. Ableton should now be synced to the Cubase Transport and play along with Cubase and observe the Cubase timeline. You should hear anything loaded Ableton routed to it’s main output bus through the Cubase mixer.
  6. You can now add additional outs in Ableton. It probably requires shutting everything down, opening Ableton by itself and going to the preferences to increase the potential available Rewire outputs. They should then be available for routing when you shut Ableton, restart Cubase and restart Ableton, now in slave mode.


Also make sure you are opening Cubase in 32bit, not 64bit.