Ableton style audio warp beats/transients/envelope --> in Cubase?

I’m new to Cubase. I figured out the audiowarp function in Cubase, but I want it to not stretch between warp markers in the audio, but rather change the timing/position of that portion of the audio file. In Ableton, one can move warp markers(beats mode/transient/envelope ->) and it won’t stretch the audio but just move it in time. That can create gaps in audio between warp markers if you increase the distance, but there is a handy envelope that can be used to fade out the volume between markers. Tightening markers up introduces no stretching and no gaps. It’s super useful for keeping audio clean without artifacts when raising/lowering tempos or fixing timing errors in drum parts. Really hoping I can move parts around without stretching or compressing.

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Is slicing audio maybe what you’re looking for?
Slicing Audio

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That will work! Thanks!