Ableton-style grid resolution shortcuts inside Dorico, a fun way to work!

Hi everyone,
I’m an Ableton-ist, and I’ve been able to achieve Ableton-style grid resolution shortcuts within Dorico by using Keyboard Maestro. These are by far my most used shortcuts in Ableton so I thought it’d be appropriate to port them into my Dorico workflow.

Cmd+1 increases grid resolution (non-dotted)
Cmd+2 decreases grid resolution (non-dotted)
Cmd+3 tripletizes (dots) whatever grid setting you are using.

One of my favorite things about Dorico is how it facilitates the grid in the first place. However, I find that I do not employ dotted grid resolutions nearly as often as I employ standard non-dotted ones. Therefore, in order to simplify some users’ experience, I think that it would be cool if there were some mechanism to traverse grid resolutions without going through the dotted ones. Of course, the capability to switch to dotted resolution version of the grid would also have to be available to the user.

The keyboard maestro implementation is cool and at all, but it fails at boundary conditions. I could probably tweak it though.

All best,