Ableton Warp Markers in Cubase Pro 8

Hello all,

Lately I started to play with Ableton Live’s Warp Markers and it seems to be so straight forward.
Add a new track, set the time and on the audio editor just drag the green line around the timeline to set it whenever you want, save it and done. The warp markers match the right time.

I went back on Cubase and try to figure out the best way to do it and not luck.

BTW when you drag a song to audio track inside Ableton it automatically detect its BPM.
(With Cubase I use time detector, it never get me the right BPM). Sucks o.O

Anyone can direct me the right way to do it?
Is this feature missing in Cubase or is it a kind of hidden feature?

PS:. AudioWarp is so confusing compare with Ableton Warp Markers.

Thank you.


Open Sample Editor, aand select Free Warp tool from the AudioWarp tab. Click to create a Warp marker, and move to change its position.

Is this what you are looking for?

its not as straight forward as ableton but does the job.
Thank you