abnormal position of context menu when using multiple displays

Dear users and developers,

The following screenshot shows the display arrangement connected to my laptop:

The following screenshot shows the odd position of context menu when using multiple displays:

I selected the dynamic marking pp in the centre of the screen, then invoked context menu.

I know my display arrangement is not so common…

Why does it happen?
Can I prevent it?

I guess in your second picture that is the large display “above” your laptop’s display? I’m afraid there are no options for controlling where the context menu appears.


However, why does the context menu not appear from the right-bottom on the mouse pointer in this case? Is it hard to get the current mouse pointer position for this case of display setting?

Dorico tries to open the context menu at the position of the mouse pointer, so presumably there is some kind of problem in the underlying Qt framework with certain combinations of display configurations.

I’m not saying there can’t be an issue - Only that on my Mac it is not a Dorico specific oddity if the window happens to be pushed down/extends just the slightest imperceptible bit to the other screen. Come to think of it I’ve seen it on a Windows 10 box that I try to avoid using. But then I’ve also embarrassed myself here with an odd display issues caused by my “Assign to desktop” settings so I always look there first. :slight_smile: