Abnormally Slow Project Load Times

Hi everyone, recently I’ve been experiencing some very slow project load times in Cubase (v11.0.41 / Win 10), up to 25 minutes. The projects are big so around 150+ tracks, lots of plug-ins and instances of Kontakt. Cubase is using around 40GB of RAM. I’m not sure what could be causing this as I guess it could be an issue with another piece of software. I have noticed in task manager that as Cubase loads the project it shows as ‘not responding’ several times. It also doesn’t seem to use much of my CPU and the disk activity is almost non existent.

I’ve already been doing the following things to ensure decent load times: All files are running from SSD’s.

Batch resaved all kontakt patches to latest version
Added my sample drive to the exceptions list in Win Defender
Software is kept up to date

Not really sure why my load times are now so bad though?

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Turns out it was an issue with my Slate plugins, I think VMR in particular. It was solved by updating the iLok manager app and resyncing my iLok. Projects now back to loading in about a minute.


Sadly this issue seems to have returned with a vengeance and now I can’t seem to solve it by updating the ilok manager. Its incredibly slow to load a project (30+ minutes) where it should take 2 and when I render in place its also taking several minutes as opposed to seconds. Anybody else run into this issue?

I can see in task manager that Cubase is ‘not responding’.

Did you ever fix the issue? I’m starting to experience similar issues

It turned out to be an issue with iLok manager and slate plugins. iLok manager put out another update and I’ve been fine ever since.

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Nice, glad you got it sorted!