Abort Program Launch

Add to that a related capability. If you launch Cubase unintentionally or launch the wrong version (both of these things probably happen to many users on occasion), it would be so nice to be able to cancel. Cubase takes a very long time to launch.

Seeing as resource are finite, I would not want the SB devs to devote their time to coding routines for this.

Ctrl-shift-esc, a tap on the ‘c’ key (for Cubase) and hit delete works.


I’m sure Steve’s workaround works but, to be honest, by the time I thought about doing those steps it probably would be too late. :wink: So I would just rather have an “abort” button to kill it.

Regards :sunglasses:


However, if your sig is accurate, I have a suggestion while yer holding yer breath on this: Get a $79 SSD and run Cubase from that. The actual -app- loads and shuts down pretty quickly for me via SSD… and I have an old SSD. I’m sure the new ones would be even better.

Cool - didn’t know about that shortcut. Thanks.