about CI2+ bundle

two week ago, i bought CI2+ in my country,Indonesia. and i’ve got Cubase Essential 5 bundle,but i see on web,the bundle is change,not w/Cubase Essential 5,but w/Cubase AI6 + Wavelab LE7 , can i download Cubase AI6?or where I update my software? thanks before and i’m sorry if my words are bad… :slight_smile:


I myself am a Cubase Essential 5 user, and I can tell you that you actually lucked up getting CE5 rather than AI6 and Wavelab LE7. Essential is far better than the current package; you can’t download AI6 (neither will you want to). If you prefer to upgrade to Artist 6 or the full version, you can download and purchase it on the online shop.

oh okay thanks… :slight_smile: