About Crossfades

Hi all,

  1. Let’s say I have multiple events, next to each other, that are hard cut and the editor didn’t do crossfades. I have 2 seconds handle length. I will select those events, press X, and Nuendo will make crossfades. But not always. Sometimes I can’t even make crossfades using the range tool. I have to use the object selection tool, and drag on side over the other event. Then I can make the crossfade. Does anybody know why?

  2. I can open the crossfade editor with X but close it with Enter? Please let me close it with X. Thank You.

Can you screenshot this happening?

Make range selection that overlaps those events and do “adjust fades to range selection” , it is by default letter “a” on keyboard.
It happens to me sometimes, i think it is to do with aaf, or editor created a crossfade and then resized it to zero by accident, or something like that

That’s it. Thank you.