About Cubase 11.

I have 2 machines: a windows 10 PC and a MacBook Pro with Big Sur. Before to install Cubase 11 I cleaned install my systems to start with everything from 0.

On windows, every time I click the sampler track the project window will exit from full screen mode. Some of the libraries are not showing in media rack under loops and samples. In all other versions of cubase, if I open the channel window (the one with inserts, eq and sends) and I go with the mouse on the eq I can see on what frequency is my mouse (it shows also the note). In 11 I have to activate a band to see this informations. Sometimes in the same windows the mouse click will not work anymore and I cannot use cubase unless I press alt+tab 2 times and then close the channel window. The presets for clips will not save: when I click an audio part usually I have a menu with start point, end, key, transpose and so. If I personalise that list and save it as a preset will not save. It seems very unstable and very buggy.

On MacOs the sampler works fine but I have a lot of graphical problems already reported here in the forum. The info bar presets will not save, just as it does in windows. Groove Agent makes the program crash because of graphical issues. A lot of plugins make cubase crash so I started to use only stock plugins. Same problem as in windows with the channel eq

Does anyone know when an update will come because really in 7 years of cubase I never had so much issues? It seems worst than a beta software.

Thank you


Groove Agent is not macOS 11 compatible yet.

Lots of 3rd party plug-ins are not macOS 11 compatible yet.

Do you know when an update will be released?

aaa by the way:
Groove Agent SE is part of cubase 11 and Cubase 11 is compatible with Big Sur.


Sorry, I don’t know.

Yes and no… Groove Agent SE is part of Cubase 11 license. But it’s a separated plug-in in fact. I understand your point of view. But as you can see here, Groove Agent SE is not compatible.

Thank you Martin!