? about iPad vs. desktop differences re notation input

Hi Doricans!

I compose music as a hobby and I’m especially curious about Dorico notation input and how it differs between the iPad and Mac versions. I realize, of course, that one version can use a pen and the other a physical (typing) keyboard, but yeah :).

More details:

  • I have music keyboards that connect to my iPad and Mac. And I’m a pianist, so I’m really comfortable with step & live input.
  • I’ll be using Dorico just to sketch out / help plan recordings I make in Logic; I don’t plan to share the actual notation with anyone, so engraving’ish stuff doesn’t matter to me.
  • I’m stupid busy with work :(… so my main consideration here is saving time / reducing hassles vs. saving money.

Would be delighted to get other comparisons and opinions, too, whatever you wanna share.

Thanks much!

Hi Adam, you should be able to use a MIDI keyboard and an external computer keyboard with an iPad just like you can with the desktop version. Just one thing it might be good to clarify –

You can use an Apple Pencil to interact with Dorico’s UI etc, but you can’t draw in notes/notations and have them turn into notation, Dorico doesn’t interpret handwritten music.

Thanks for the clarification, Lillie!

Do you know whether both versions tackle real-time MIDI input with equal sophistication?

My assumption is that a desktop version would have more horsepower for, say, interpreting complex rhythms, but I’d be delighted to be wrong :smile:

I don’t think there’s any difference when it comes to dealing with features both the desktop and the iPad versions have. It’s the same piece of software. Differences lie especially in the GUI and the different options available. Rhythm detection is not different (AFAIK) in Dorico SE or in Pro… Why would it differ on the IPad?