About "Link Panners"

Ok, this question is so basic that I didn’t dare to ask for about a decade now:

I know about “Link Panners” in the Channel Settings. Once it’s activated and I change the channel’s panning, the send(s) panner(s) will follow. But:

  • How can I have a newly created AUX-send automatically taking over the channel’s panning without having to touch the latter to initialize the linking? As it is now, the send’s panning is always at its default for a newly created send.

  • How can I avoid pan linking for individual sends within a channel? There are quite a few scenarios where I would need this option for proper FX handling (… a simple example: pan-linked send to a true-stereo reverb, fixed centered pan for chorus send).

… I know for sure that all of this works in ProT**ls cough 8-/ Are there solutions in Nuendo I’m not aware of…?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but wouldn’t you just not link panners and set them independently then?

That’s what I do anyway. :slight_smile: But actually, I would prefer the real link (i.e. at instantiation) in about 90 per cent of all cases, and manually disable the link only in a few isolated cases.

As it is now, I have to touch the channel’s panner again anyway for the link to take place at all, which is a constant source of annoyance.

In ProT**ls there’s Pref to have absolute linking activated for any newly created send (which also “jumps” to the proper panning upon instantiation without the need for further user interaction), but you can disable the linking for each individual send on each individual channel by means of a simple, dedicated on/off button. Painless.

BTW: Sometimes you need the linking, e.g. in case you want just the reverb send to move along with an automated panning of the source. How to deal with the channel-wide linking, then?

(… a rhetorical question, of course. We have to de-activate the linking and copy the panning automation to the individual send.)