About Removing eLicencer and Reactivating on Different PC

Hi everyone,

I have two PCs and let’s call them PC1 and PC2.

I bought a UR22mkII 3 days ago. Then, I installed Cubase LE AI Elements 10 on PC1 and activated it by the serial number written on the guide pages of UR22. And I tried to record my guitar. When I hit the record button, the app crashes and shuts itself down.

I’m sure it’s not about the minimum system requirements because my PC has 8th gen i7, 16GB of RAM and GTX1050 TI. But anyway I decided to give it a try on my another PC. But I don’t know if it’s possible to remove the current licence from PC1 and reactivate it on PC2.

If it’s not possible, then I need a solution for the crash issue.


Hi and welcome,

You can just go thru Reactivation process to transfer Soft-eLicense to other computer.

You can also attach crash dump file and we can have a look on it here, to be able to find out (hopefully), why did it crash.

I think no dump file has been created in my system because there is no file with a name “Crash Dumps” on this directory: C:\Users%%username%%\Documents\Steinberg.

There are only two files which names are “Strip Presets” and “FX Chain Presets”.

But Cubase shuts off by itself suddenly when I hit the record button. If the current progress hasn’t been saved before I hit “record”, I lost all the changes I’ve done.

Actually, firstly, I wanted to install Cubase on PC2. And I did. Then, I opened the eLicencer app and there was no text in the app. Only images. I googled it and figured out it’s about the language of Windows. It’s Turkish. But Windows 10 Single Language Edition is installed on that PC, so I’m not able to change the OS language. So, do you have any solution for it?


In this case use Microsoft ProcDump to generate a dmp file, please.