About speed

Many great things here. The software is of course immature, but the overall design is a marvel, really. I have entered a movement of a string quartet this morning and am obviously getting used to the interface as the number of times I use ctrl-Z seems to be diminishing! I know everyone will clamor for their favourite feature. I have seen a few of them, and many deal specifically with notation and/or playback, but I thought I’d put a list of what matters to me and why.

I am fast. VERY fast. Speed is one of the things that make me competitive. Already, I can see where the design of Dorico will eventually take me in terms of its time-saving capabilities, both in terms of what’s there and what’s obviously to come. It is clearly designed to make input and preparation faster in theory (although I’d quibble about a couple things in terms of the properties panels, but that’s for another post). But I would like to share what makes me the Usain Bolt of arranging/orchestration, and would like to see in future patches and versions of Dorico. I know full well that the team is flooded and I’m certain they are aware of all of those things. So this is simply just another list.

  1. Fast code. Right now, Dorico is sluggish on large scores. Even small projects show some delays with certain commands. I realize that will take time and has been mentioned already, but it is not a bad idea to reiterate.
  2. Filters. The great power of Sibelius lies in its filter IMHO. To be able to select and isolate voices, notes on top, all quarter notes, lyrics only etc … is of massive importance to me. I was aware they would not be there, but I am surprised how little this has been mentioned by other users. I use filters dozens of time on any project, even small ones. My use of filters makes me 40% faster than if I did not use them.
  3. Explode/Implode. Which I absolutely did not expect to see in a first release, but I put it to you anyway as I use this a lot as well.
  4. Better selection for large chunks of music. I tried copying a couple of hundred bars in order to move them from one flow to another. Even reducing view to 25%, I had to do it in two batches with the marquee tool. In this case, I realize I might be missing something though …
  5. Multicopy. Which someone else as mentioned. Again, I did not expect to see it in this release.
  6. Transpose tool. Big time saver!

This coming April, I have a project (which I do every year) which involves children tunes for small orchestra and children choir. I typically write about 30 of them. The more these features are added, the likelier I will be to use Dorico for all of it. I will use Dorico for some of it anyways!

Congratulations on the development team. It will be an exciting year!