About the midi files in the project window container or clip

I have spoken on this issue. Seriously, with such description.

  1. I cut into pieces (to choose the best) on two segments
    parallel tracks: voice and midi piano recorded simultaneously. 2) I moves (grouped) on two tracks, which will become the mounting tracks. 3) This is the time of assembly. I fit the pieces together by relationships with others, both technically and musically. Audio: I have to go get a little larger than what I had to keep. I develop my clip to the left or right. I have not lost anything. The file is waiting for me in full. I do the same thing on the midi track. Nothing! Zero. Disappeared.

I already had an answer to this: before keeps midi track of the cut. My answer: the original and synchronization between piano and voice? I must readjust? And the time it takes? Audio is a simple moment. How long midi ? And for 12, 82 or 459 segments?

Conclusion: Cubase to do as in Pro Tools: keep the midi files under containers and clips, just as audio files. Make them available re-stretching clips or containers.

I see no other solutions.