about the placement dependency of the dynamic markings duplicated vertically at the same place


In Dorico, the dynamic markings duplicated vertically at the same place are synchronised (or linked. I am not sure which expression is better in this case) in

  1. their alphabets,
  2. their starting position and ending position as well as
  3. the placement (above/below staff)

I find the synchronisation of No. 1 and No. 2 are reasonable and very convenient.
However, the synchronisation of No. 3 often interrupts the working process because the dynamic markings on the stave with lyrics are vertically placed in the opposite side than the staves without lyrics:

A. We should isolate the dynamic marks on the vocal staves from the dynamic mark on the instrumental staves.
B. We should repeatedly change No. 2 on lyric staves after changing No. 2 of the dynamic marks on the instrumental staves.

How do you think about this behaviour of Dorico?
Methought, it would be practical if Dorico does not synchronise No. 3.

If you’re using actual vocal staves, dynamics will be positioned above automatically. Are you using real vocal staves or have you just randomly added some lyrics to an instrumental stave?

Ah, that is the reason!
What I am using currently is an imported XML file, and the original vocal staff is allocated to flute staff.

Thank you!