About the Placement of Accent and Left-hand Pizzicato

I want to change the placement of accent and Left-hand Pizzicato (used as cross marks for closed HH) in drum score.

I want to write like this.

Usually, accent is written under the cross mark, but I want to write an accent above the cross mark.
I made this score in the image above with Engrave Mode manually, but it is hard to change all bars in the same way.
Does anyone know how to swap the placement of accents and cross marks automatically?

Thank you.

Welcome to the forum @R.K.

I don’t think this is possible. To the best of my knowledge, + is a playing technique (“closed”), not an articulation, and so I don’t think there’s any other option but to do it manually.

Perhaps a playing technique with both signs.


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The only concern might be the playback of the accents, or lack thereof.

I set the playback technique to accent, so ought to work.


Ah of course!