About thematic index

Hi, I saw Anthony Hughes’ video on creating a thematic index (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDSidSjKd2w).
As you can see, the index created depends entirely on the music of the score. If I want the index to have a smaller font than the score, I can’t. Even if I try to change the frames that contain the music, it doesn’t change the size of the staff.
It would be good instead that the thematic index, although depending on the music score, could also have some options for changing, for example, the font size.
For the moment I have opted to create a separate project with the first bars of each song by changing the size of the staff and then create the thematic index there by adding a blank page at the beginning and connecting the various flows as explained by Anthony in his video. Although in this case you have to manually copy the music and paste it into the new project in separate flows for each song. You can imagine that when there are many flows you lose some time for this operation.
If anyone has a better idea … Thanks

Put a System Break on the first beat of each musical example in the index, then use the System Break’s “Space Size” property to reduce the staff size.

Excellent, thank you very much :smiley: