About three weeks ago, Cubase 11 started having performance issues

A few weeks ago, I started noticing that the performance bar was sitting at 50% when it has never been past 10% when I’m just doing normal tracking or mixing. I’m guessing it was around the time that Cubase 12 was released. Not sure what the deal is but Cubase 11 is not functioning the same way. I’ve been using Cubase since its Inception. I retailed it for years. This problem is new!

I know they updated the USB drivers and audio driver as well, I would look in to make sure you have the latest versions.

Had the same problem here. Performance bar shooting up for no reason I can see. Lots of random dropouts when recording audio.

This won’t be a Cubase problem. The version hasn’t changed on Cubase 11. I’m certainly not seeing it. Are you on windows and did it recently do an update?