About track visibility setups

Hi all!
I have made these visibility setups in the project logical editor.
Otherwise they work ok but there is one problem…

For example I have a setup/preset to show only guitar tracks. When I select it GTR tracks will remain visible. As they should.
But also VST instrument tracks remain visible.

This goes for all visibility setups I have. VST tracks stay always visible.
But there is also one difference between project and mix window.
On this project I’m on at the moment only VST instrument tracks are mystic and SSD drums.
When applying this visibility preset, on the project window I have GTR tracks and Mystic visible.
On the mix console 1 I have GTR tracks and output Channels for mystic and SSD…
Not the way I want it obviously…

Can’t figure out what is going on?

Bye / Tumppi

Do you have a screenshot of the PLE preset in question ?

This is my show GTRs preset…

Bye/ Tumppi

You could maybe try adding a line to the preset as follows:

Will try that later. Really busy shooting a tv series ATM.
Pretty sure tho that I have already tested that addition with no greater success. But will try later…


FYI I tested this here and it works fine. Hope it works for you too.

Now it works on project window but in the mixer it still shows SSD4.


Oh well… sorry to hear that!

It seems that instrument tracks are excluded from the visibilty setups.
After removing SSD4 and its vst instrument track and making it a rack instrument these visibility presets work fine.

Not nice…

I’m guessing you mean in the Mixer ? Yes, that seems a little odd.

Yes and yes.