About upgrading to element 8

I’m an user of LE 7 and considering whether to upgrade to element 8. Therefore I have a few questions to ask.

First is about the maximum number of VST instrument track. Is the maximum number of VST instrument track same for LE and element version? If not how many?

Second is about the VST library. I find that the VST library in LE is very limited. I’d like to have more options for the part of strings and drums. Are there new VSTs added to element 8?


Cubase Elements 8 can record and mix up to 48 audio and 64 MIDI tracks.

Here you can see the list of all plug-ins (VST and VSTi) of Cubase Pro, Artist and Elements.

I think it depends on what you do with it. I am tempted to upgrade to Elements 8 but I’m not really do a lot of production work, and if I were I would just go all the way with it. Understand though if I get serious about things I have a partner in Nashville that knows all about this stuff and does this kind of work. And if i need that kind of production, he is far better at it than I am. So while the upgrade for me might be something I might not actually ever use. I would like a better Reverb but don’t know if Roomworks SE is actually going to be better than a Toraverb or Renascence Reverb for the same price. That said it may be worth it for you for the Groove Agent alone but I have EZ drummer. Groove agent might be better, might not. And it seems that I have roomworks se on my AI 8. I found the biggest improvement was the UR 242 interface. That got rid of all the stuff that came with my first lexicon.

I don’t know. But I would like some of your more educated opinions. I am one of those who came out of the Analog age of Tape Machines, I am a dinosaur and can learn a lot from those of you who know more about this stuff.

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