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Hello people :slight_smile: . I’m trying to use VST Live Pro, and a lot of it looks quite attractive to me. But I am completely stuck with VST Viewer. Help me. Please tell me what steps I need to take to be able to see and control the VST Viewer. Thank you.

VST Live PRO is utilising VSTViewer as some kind of “plugin-module”.

Viewer needs to be downloaded+installed separately as that is a “plugin-module”.

Then in app:
Upper field / view / MODULES
Click “+” (left side)
There is a new MODULE “container” for plugin-modules. Right upper corner < nc >
Click VST Viewer.

Opens a PDF Viewer ….

It used to be the case - and perhaps still is - that you need a (free) licence to use VST Viewer.

i don’t know I seem to be really lacking in knowledge. I don’t see anything from what you are writing about here. It seems that I can’t activate it :frowning:

You need to be more specific. Where do you fail following fkalmus instructions?

I can’t find how to open and see Vst Viewer

Hi @Vadimas_Kamrazeris,

to get VST Viewer, please make sure that you have VST Viewer license in your “Steinberg Activation Manager” (SAM). Just open the SAM application and check your licenses. If you don’t have, the license is free and you get it here. Click to the “GET VST Viewer” button …

… then you need to login with your MySteinberg account. After that a VST Viewer license will be added your account. Check the SAM application again.

Have you already installed the Plug-In? If not, open the “Steinberg Download Assistant”, select the VST Live category and install VST Viewer. Or visit that page here.

All done? Then please start VST Live, Select MODULES, add a module and load VST Viewer.

See you,

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Thank you. i will try

2023-11-25, št 12:45 Michael Spork via Steinberg Forums <notifications@steinberg.discoursemail.com> rašė:

Thank you very much. I have!