About workspaces and about timeline


  1. Please make it a users choice for workspaces to include or exclude zoom setting and timeline (ruler) location.

  2. Make timeline (ruler) settings to save with project. This “global” setting sucks, sorry…

Both are quite important for me.

Bye / Tumppi

oooh +1
and +1

I have no idea why saving a workspace saves timeline location and zoom factors. Makes no sense to me. I want to switch my screen layout and windows, and not jump to a spot and zoom to the zoom level I had when saving the workspace. It’s a “workspace”, not a project snapshot.

I have been asking for this for a looong time

Yeah. Many have…

Must be rocket science. Or engineering says “Works as specified” and nobody is giving a c***

I’d say: how much time you need?
Engineer: 2 years…
Me: you get 2 hours!


So… Is this just one wasted wish?

I hope not!

Two more issues using workspaces an Channel and visibilty settings.

As soon as you use folders and / or a second Tracklist - the whole things gets unusable…

Please include The folder state open/close and also tracks in the second Tracklist into visibilty and Workspace Presets…