Absolute 2

Guys, please help… Im a bit confused. I purchase Cubase at Xmas, downloaded the software E licence and everything was cool. last night I purchased Absolute 2, spent an age downloading and received the activation code via my email.
launched the E-license software, enter the activation code and nothing happens expect it does show the Absolute 2. I click continue and the only license I see if my cubase license. Nothing else is activated.

feelings a bit pissed after £369 and long downloads and installs and still have nothing. I sent a support email to our friends at Steinberg this afternoon… still waiting for a reply… zzzz

any pointers to what I am doing wrong ?


Update your elicenser software and do maintenance tasks so the database gets all updates (including new products)

Which cubase version do you have? Do you have an usb licenser? Because Absolute 2 needs one.

  • Press the maintenance button in your e license control software.
  • Check for updates.
  • Try to activate your absolute 2 again, maybe your internet connection was down last night.