Absolute 3 and Dorico

I’m considering purchasing the full Absolute 3 for use with Dorico. But I’m interested in knowing what compatibility limitations exist. I’d also like to be able to use sounds created using HALion 6 and the other add-ons inside of Dorico. Especially for creating complicated rhythmic schemes (which are often most easily rendered as notation).

I looked through this forum and a couple others, and through the product pages. I didn’t find much information specifically dedicated to Dorico & Absolute 3, so if anyone has that information, or could point me to pages or topics that address that, I’d greatly appreciate it.

You can use all of the instruments and sounds within Dorico, but it requires a bit more work, because in Play Mode you have to set everything up by hand, i.e. assignment of instruments and sounds, expressions maps and so on. But it will all work.

Thank you!