Absolute 3 and valid licence for The Grand 3

Having just updated all of the plug ins in Absolute 3, everything appears to work except The Grand. It comes back with an unauthorised flag saying that there is no valid licence detected. All instructions recommended by Steinberg appear to fail.
As this is part off the Absolute Bundle this should authorise automatically along with Halion etc etc.
Any clues why this one Plug in doesn’t have a so called valid licence? Thanks

Yes having the same problem here, believe it may be an issue with the current elicenser conrol panel version, I have submitted a ticket to stienberg 3 days ago but no rersponse at all so far, it’s a real pain!

You’d have thought that with such an important and prominent plug in they would have either alerted customers to the problem or indicated a reason why it isn’t working. Let’s hope someone does something!

Yes let’s hope, otherwise i’m going to have to go and buy synthology ivory II, I cant beleive they can not respond in 4 days now, nothing.

I have Ivory as well and it’s great! I did get a PM from one ‘Frank’ who is a Steinberg Admin person who said that I needed to wait until the next update on the E licence. When I asked when this would be I got resounding Radio Silence!!
I guess while they’re all at NAMM schmoozing and being told how wonderful they all are, they can’t actually be bothered to deal with the day to day activities of what keeps them in business!
I suggest renewing your E license daily in case they get round to issuing an update.

Yes thanks have been keeping an eye on that, I too have now bought ivory I cant wait any longer, 6 days and nothing no response at all, it’s just not acceptable, I don’t think i will be spending much more money with Steinberg if they think it is OK when people are relying on their software to ignore them for nearly a week!!

What I can say is ivory 2.5 as it is now is absolutely superb, I have just bought the Iitalian grand as i didn’t want to spend too much in the circumstances, but it’s great and the amount of variation you can achieve means its usable for just about anything, it really is top notch. It’s got me thinking about switching DAW away from Cubase, I really need support when things go wrong, Very disappointing indeed.

I too was a CUBASE fan until LOGIC X. The additional plug ins and loops make it a no brainer. I agree that Sternberg need to raise their game and really prioritise their customers rather then the niche ‘fashion’-esque dance D.J. Groove-Meisters that seem to adorn their promotions.
Another great pop piano is http://www.truepianos.com Several included and all really excellent and very cheap. Really good for Country, Pop and Commercial use.

This has now been fixed with the latest latest e-licenser, strangely still no word from support though :slight_smile:

Major issues now with Absolute 3 and LOGIC X. Nothing appears to work! Wont recognise the Licence despite it being updated several times. All appears to stem from the update of The Grand. Come On Steinberg!!!