Absolute 3 general Q about Halion 6

Should i remove the Halion 5 and Halion SE 2 VST stuff to save drive space, as it’s probably included within Halion 6 as well, and will the saved Cubase 9 cpr files recognize the changes made reharding halion 5 and SE2? -F

No, Halion 5 is completely replaced by Halion 6 so there’s no point in removing anything, the installer already does that anyway.

Nearly all of the Halion Sonic SE content is exclusive to Cubase users and isn’t included with Halion 6 or Halion Sonic 3. Since this is barely over 1GB, there’s not much point in uninstalling it.

The full version of Halion Sonic 3 doesn’t replace Halion Sonic SE in your projects.