Absolute 4 Collection updates by Steinberg Download Assistant


This is my very fist post here on Steinberg.
I have a simple question /doubt because this is the first time I’m using a Steinberg product.
If any of you can help me it would be awesome, se here it goes the question /doubt:

I recently got the “Absolute 4” Collection from steinberg.
I used the “Steinberg Download Assistant” and all was installed just fine, yet I don’t quite understand how the “Absolute 4” instruments check for updates or are updated (if Steinberg releases updates), since the only option I see in the “Download Assistant” is the “OPEN” after all instruments are already installed.
(see the attached image)

Does the “Absolute 4” instruments /libraries become automatically updated (after I start the “Steinberg Download Assistant”) or do I need to do something else?
I’m sorry if this seems to be a stupid question.

Much appreciated.


No, it doesn’t update automatically. I think it doesn’t even keep track of what’s installed. So it’s up to you to check for updates. If you want them.

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Many thanks for the info.
Very weird stuff…
I have other equivalent to the “Steinberg Download Assistant” for Spitfire audio, EastWest, XLN Audio and Native Instruments software centers and all warn and allow to directly update the libraries /instruments on the fly.
Oh well… It is what it is.


There are many existing topics on the forums relating to this. According to a few posts by Steinberg officials they are aware of the limitations and are working on an improved solution. I have a feeling it won’t see the light of day until the long awaited release of a new licensing situation (rumored for later this year).

I agree that if they are going to provide an application it should be more functional than the current version. Something like the Toontrack Product Manager is head and shoulders above the Steinberg Download Assistant.

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That’s good news.
I hope Steinberg can solve this rather sooner than later.
After all, such lack does not suit well onto the “VST progenitors”. :wink:

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Indeed, we are very aware of this shortcoming and we don’t like it either. Being able to show which component was updated is on the list.


Stay safe.