Absolute 4 - HAlion Sonic SE?

Hi all… I’ve just taken advantage of the Black Friday deal on Absolute 4 & curious why both HAlion Sonic 3 & HAlion Sonic 3 SE are included in the installation package.

Presumably previous projects that used SE won’t load instruments in the full version (not a big issue for me), but aside from that I’m failing to see a reason not to uninstall the SE version. But the inclusion of the SE version in the installation package for Absolute 4 makes me think it’s required.

The same goes for Groove Agent 5 & the SE version - why keep both versions aside from the use of SE in previous projects?


Because sometimes what you need doesn’t require the extra bulk of HALion Sonic or HALion 6.

It’s possible they use more CPU.

For Groove Agent, I’ve heard that things created on Groove Agent 5 often can’t be loaded in Groove Agent SE 5, so it’s worth keeping both installed.

The installations don’t take up much for room. It’s safest to keep them both around.

You may get projects from people who only have SE, for example, and you need to have them installed to load those projects.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ve already uninstalled GA SE 5 as I never found it particularly stable - GA 5 has however been brilliant, not one crash!

Re: HAlion, makes sense, particularly when considering the PC resources.

Thanks again!

Halion 5 allows you to create sample and synth preset libraries which can be distributed to users of the free Halion Sonic SE. The primary reason for HS SE to be included is so you can test your libraries in this different environment before releasing them.

There should be no noticeable performance difference between Halion Sonic SE and the full version of Halion Sonic.

Cubase and Nuendo users get access to exclusive presets for Halion Sonic SE, based on Yamaha’s classic workstations. These are fully compatible with the full version of Halion Sonic and don’t require a HS SE install to function. The same goes for the exclusive content for Groove Agent SE.

You still need to install HS SE and GA SE if you wish to open past projects that used these plugins.

Thanks for the explanation, makes perfect sense. From what you say I have no need for HAlion SE so will probably uninstall, if only to tidy up my VST list!

Thanks again…