Absolute 6 and HALion 7 (incl. Trial version) available

Dear all,

HALion 7, HALion Sonic 7, HALion Sonic 7 Collection and Absolute 6 were released one February 16, 2023. The trial for HALion 7 is also available now. The original release posts were made in the VST Instruments category.

HALion 7 now comes now with a complete new FM zone with SYX file import, the new Spectral zone with our newly in-house developed time stretch and resynthesis algorithm, a reimagined modulation concept, the new Shaper Envelope, our new synthesizer FM Lab with eight operators featuring algorithms from the classic Yamaha DX7, FM-X and TX81Z, a beautiful Guitar called Tales where the guitar strings were individually sampled as open notes and then tuned to a different pitch, improved wavetable synthesis, redesigned MediaBay and so much more. Feel free to checkout all the details on our new features website

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The trial for HALion is also available here:

Other updates to the HALion family include HALion Sonic 7, which is now the free player for HALion libraries and replaces HALion Sonic SE. The new HALion Sonic 7 Collection comprises the HALion Sonic 7 player, all instruments from HALion Sonic 3, plus the brand-new FM Lab and Tales instruments. With Absolute 6, customers receive all the instruments and expansions known from the previous version of Absolute plus new HALion 7.

Grace Period:

Customers who have activated HALion 6 or Absolute 5 since November 1, 2022, are eligible for a free, update to HALion 7 / Absolute 6. Go to your MySteinberg account. Go to “Vouchers”. If you don’t see a voucher, please make sure that the eLicenser containing the license is registered in MySteinberg. After registration, it can take up to 24 hours until the free update is available.