Absolute bundle license transfer following single instrument upgrade

Hi all, question RE: license transfer…

I own Absolute 4, & I also paid for the ‘upgrade’ for Olympus Choir Micro to Elements (i.e. full price of Elements was reduced in price for owners of Absolute 4).

On my e-licenser it shows Absolute 4 & Olympus Choir Elements as separate licenses.

In HALion (Sonic), Olympus Choir Micro & Olympus Choir Elements are 2 separate instruments with no shared presets.

Hence I’m wondering if I sell/transfer Absolute 4, will I still be able to use Olympus Choir Elements given that I benefited from the ‘upgrade’ discount?


I think you will find your Olympus Choir Elements licence will only authorise in the presence of an Absolute licence as what you have is, in effect, an add-on licence to your Absolute licence.

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Hi thanks for the reply David_W…

I tried an experiment since I have 2 dongles - I moved the Choir Elements license to 1 dongle & kept Absolute 4 on the other. I then plugged the Elements dongle into my laptop & downloaded/installed Choir Elements - & it’s fine!

So either there’s maybe a free trial in operation, or it’s fine as a separate license…

Confusingly, I then downloaded Choir Micro (the version that comes with Absolute) & that works fine too…

You need to check that the dongle does not have an unexpired “All Applications” licence on it for your test to be valid. New dongles supplied with an application have a licence valid for all Steinberg eLicenser products for a limited time - I think it is 25 hours of operation.

New dongles bought separately do not have an “All Applications” licence.

Ah OK.

Actually this 2nd dongle was bought as a spare to use Cubase Pro on my laptop - keep one plugged into my desktop PC at all times (in a port which isn’t easy to get to) & simply transfer the license to this 2nd dongle (that’s in a more accessible port) to use with my laptop as required. I hadn’t actually used it until now & of course the multi-PC Cubase 12 license doesn’t require it.

Hence from what you say this 2nd dongle should have no 25-hour license on it?