Absolute Channel change for SINE player works in Dorico but not VEP

Sorry if this has been addressed before but I’m unable to get VEP Pro to follow the absolute channel change when hosting SINE player. I set up the SINE player with 2 channels:

When I set the expression map for absolute channel change, it worked when loading the SINE player directly in Dorico, but not when I was hosting SINE in VEP. My VEP setup worked with the articulations in the first channel, but it wouldn’t switch channels as it did when loading the SINE player directly into Dorico.

Is there a workaround or is it a VEP issue?

I can’t think of a good reason why Dorico would be unable to address a different channel in VEP but can do so in SINE using the same expression map. There’s no “channel change” message or anything like that for VEP to respond to: Dorico simply sends the required MIDI notes, CC events, etc. to a different channel if required.

Have you set the VEP strip to receive MIDI on all channels…?

Where would I find that setting?

Just click the MIDI channel to get the drop down list.

…or another view :slight_smile:
(I have no experience with the SINE player, but assuming it’s multitimbral…)

Thank you! That fixed it.