Absolute must haves

Yes, it’s ok for a 1.2, but there are so many things missing… :open_mouth:

So, here are absolute must haves:

  1. Bars and beats… us musicians usually don’t / never work with seconds… :angry:
  2. Ability to edit VSTs and VSTis - SERIOUSLY! :unamused:
  3. Quick controls
  4. Loop recording mode control
  5. Ability to delete recorded events / parts / whatever

Please add those, it really puzzles me why one would even consider not adding them.

+1 for everything.
bars / beats is a MUST…

here is a quick solution for now:
add following shortcuts:
jump to next bar & jump to last bar.
set left locator & set right locator

i use german version, your shortcuts can have other names.
you will probably find these buttons in the transport category.
hope this helps :slight_smile:

+1 for everything

Having a remote controller integrated would allow me to place this tablet on top of my master keyboard and edit synthesizers from there.

Wow, just wow. That would be something…

Strong +1 to these. Also, MIDI CC capability as well, particularly an XY pad.
The TouchDAW App does it for free ATM. I would prefer (and be willing to pay for) something with better integration into Cubase.

-BARS AND BEATS — Music is BARS and Beat
Time display is not so important for musician !!!

+1 for all
also i would like to view and control channel editor for selected track(eq,sends,ch strip etc)
somthing similar to this (well the mockup looks ugly but u get the idea :wink: )

Big +1!
Though what i find i’m missing the most is a drumpad in iC Pro with Groove Agent integration, i hate mapping midi to pads and having to change mapping when i change preset etc. bla.bla.bla…

Also, communication via the regular 30pin/Lightning-usb cable.
There’s a few obj-c libs out that does that and doesn’t need the hardware manufactor license from Apple.


ic pro is incomplete… i hope there will be an update soon.