Absolute VST Collection 2 - upgrade Halion 3

I have Absolute VST Collection 2 installed and activated/registered in my eLicenser. This includes Halion Sonic 2.

Today I bought an upgrade from Halion Sonic 2 to Halion Sonic 3. When I try to activate the upgrade I get the message “Currently, there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license (…)”

Are the Halion Sonic 2 inside VST Collection eligible for upgrade?

The HALion Sonic 2 VSTi inside of the Absolute 2 Collection will not work for the HALion Sonic 3 upgrade.

You would need to upgrade from Absolute 2 to Absolute 3.


Thanks a lot. An upgrade to Absolute 3 worked perfect.

I’ve done the same thing the Original Poster has… . Given this solution. What do i do about the HS3 Upgrade I just purchased???