Absolute VST Instrument Collection

Hi To All and Steinberg! :smiley: Where is the Absolute VST Instrument Collection for cubase 6.5 users download deal purchase link in the online shop?

The same question.
Seems like it’s not released yet.

Hi there,

here is the link to the Shop: http://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/buy_product/product/absolute-vst-instrument-collection.html

Please report if you can’t access it.


Hello, the suggested link leads me to a page saying “Buy Absolute VST Instrument Collection at your local distributor.” So, it seems that the Absolute VST Instrument Collection cannot be currently bought and downloaded from some countries (like Czechia in my case). I’m quite sure there is a mistake in the online shop. Steinberg, could you have a look at it, please?

Besides this, it seems that the possibility to buy Dark Planet, Triebwerk, or Hypnotic Dance separately has gone. Isn’t this a mistake as well? Or is it a new marketing decision?

Thanks for clarification! :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for the link, but i owner of cubase 6.5 and want a digital bundle
So i need a link for online purchase.

You have to pick the “Upgrade for Cubase customers” option. It’s download-only.

If you don’t see that option, there might be a geographic restriction or a site problem?

Oh yes, i think it is geographic restriction.
It’s really stupid, seems like i can’t buy digital version, because i need to purchase full version form my local dealer (but for cubase users it’s only available thru digital download).

Service from steinberg as always does’t work correctly.

If i can’t buy it, please stop send me ad messages that i can.

Yes, it is the same here…

As an owner of both Halion Sonic and Padshop Pro and Cubase 6.5, will there be a special upgrade price? Seems a bit unfair for those who have already invested?

That’s actually what I mentioned: the option to buy all the individual instruments separately should stay as it was before.


i also own Halion 4.5 and cubase 6.5 and can’t get a download link for Absolute that recognises this.
I found one but it is $299 and i dont need halion sonic or retrolouge, just the padshop update and the sound packs which have dissapeared from seperate purchase.
This is in Australia

i managed to find a link (dont know how, it just happened) but 299 is more expensive than buying the components i need seperatly because i own halion 4 and cubase 6.5??? where can i buy seperatly now or is there another upgrade option. Steinberg please reply
Screen Shot 2012-11-07 at 9.35.15 PM.png

no still doesnt work in Australia. Can i buy seperatly as i dont need halion sonic or retrolouge

Dear sammygee,

please try this link: http://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/vst.html
on the bottom you should find Dark Planet, Triebwerk and Hypnotic Dance. If you don’t, please let me know.


Hello, ldongo,

I’ve tried this link and all I can see is this: Padshop Pro (+upgrades), Retrologue, Padshop, HALion 4 Upgrade from HALion Sonic, Yamaha plugins, and Portico plugins.

Therefore, Dark Planet, Triebwerk and Hypnotic Dance are really missing. Moreover, I suppose that HALion Sonic and HSO should be also there but they are not.

I’m from Czechia.


I confirm that. The same story.

hi guys,

try this link:



Hi, Melosch,

are you joking? This is exactly the same link as suggested by ldongo! Perhaps the mentioned instruments (Dark Planed, Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance) can be really seen under this link in Germany, but not in some other countries. This fact was already many times mentioned in this thread. So, there is really a problem with your eshop. It would be nice if you could start to solve it.

Thanks and best regards


i got the trial versions of all three vsts from there german site steinberg.com/de.

Hi all,

the link posted by me and Melosch should be working now. Please delete your cookies and empty your cache, or try a different browser. Go to http://www.steinberg.net, click on Shop and then on VST. Absolute (DL) and the instrument sets should now be able to add to cart!