absolutely frustrating steinberg support

Hi! I don’t know what’s wrong with Steinberg now, but there is absolutely failed support service quality. 5 days ago I found so I cant login to mysteinberg page. Site stuck sending me verification code to my email, even I talked with my provider for custom SPAM filters or smth, checked my snap/junk folders. Its obvious a problem on Steinbergs side. I wrote to support and… still got nothing… support person asks me check spam/junk blablabla…He offer me to check a problem soon… not now, not tomorrow, because he cant/not able to to it… blablabla. I wondering It is normal support for so much valued soft? I m professional musician and Im paying by my time and money for unqualified and unorganised service. Seems to be it is a fail.

P.S. Please don’t talk me about covid, please! If you can do, you do!

same goes with me also. please do somethings

and you post this in the Cubase part of the forum because…

  1. because no special Steinberg`s QoS threads. If you know, just point me
  2. because its my actual attitude to the Steinberg Cubase that Im using.
  3. because due unless support I cant login into my account to copy activation code of another Steinberg product
  4. because I want see similar stories and want see attitude fo other people for this situation

if on Gmail, check your All Mail, not SPAM - Google auto-deletes some emails.

Steinberg isn’t a giant company, like, if you have a Neve console that needs service - you’re not going to have a Neve tech at your door in an hour… it’s not like a BWM or Ford dealership or something. Support just takes time, sometimes, depending on how many tickets they already have - you just have to wait in line - - it is what it is. If the problem is causing you downtime, then figure out how to be productive with your downtime.

Yes, steinberg isn’t a big company, like many other pro audio companies are not big, and so it takes them 4-5 months of terrible customer service to address simple issues. We have to be patient!