Absolutely noob. Instruments

Hello everybody!
Can somebody tell me if I can import wav instruments with music studio? Which another kind of instrument can I use additionally the instruments I bought (all of them)?
Thank you very much.


I do not know the extension of the Music Studio instruments and I would not know how to respond correctly.

But I know you can use the interapp function, without the need for audiobus with other programs. I use KV331 and DRC, and so you have more possibilities. In this case you would play the instrument from MS, but to play it you will need to activate the native application of that instrument in question. Then you will record it in an audio file and incorporate it into your song.

Another option is to take samples of the instrument you want to use by incorporating it into your instrument catalog. That instrument will always be available even if you no longer have the native application with which it was created.

Look at this video.


Good luck

Music Studio can only load its own .instr file format.
However, in the iOS version (not yet on Android) you can create custom user instruments and import wav samples, see

Thank you very much for your answers.
I love Music Studio. It’s my main app to create music, but I think that if you can’t load a wav instrument (for example) is a great limitation. I bought MS for my iPad, and more years ago I bought another app knowed for Android. I didn’t like it, but now it’s amazing, and I have hundreds of free instruments, without have to spend time creating them.
I know, this is not the type of comment I suppose likes here but, I really love Music Studio, and I think it’s a pity.
I’m sorry for my bad English.