AC to AC voltage power isolation for home studio

I ran into something here regarding the AC line noise at my house as I was recording guitar amps. The usual suspects, random AC line noise from my various appliances and the neighbors AC usage, as well. I remember 15 years ago such things ran $2500 and were 4 rack spaces in height and weighed 50 lbs. So I took a pass on this tech. However things have changed, there are other products out there, notably made by Tripp Lite.

Initially I bought their 2.1A version which will cover my guitar amps. But I got to thinking about it and thought I’d give it a go on my home studio. I maybe 10 pieces of outboard gear, preamps and comps, my desktop PC, my audio interface, a pair of powered monitors, and LED screen monitors. All of these efx and preamps were previously plugged into a Monster power filter, btw, and I had no ground loops or anything like that to to contend with, and the desktop and the monitors were all plugged into the same AC wall circuit, a 15 amp breaker supplied the current. Well, the 2.1A isolator ran all this gear, but it got a little warm.

OK, so here’s where I’m going with all this. My Cubase, WaveLab, and other audio oriented software programs run better. And here I’m not even commenting on the audio quality, but the operation of the software as it starts and stops the various programs. This operation is completely quiet, no little niggles or little small clicks that I used to hear. I run at buffer at 512 and my machine has got plenty of horsepower, but there was always this little click when I stopped or started the playback.

So to finish my thought here, I bought the Tripp Lite 9.1A version for my studio and have now just run the gamut of testing the results. This unit does not get warm even after 2 hours, it’s basically coasting through the process of supplying current to my studio. The best part is this bigger unit cost $240 delivered, the smaller one was $119. I think if you ever considered the idea of isolated power for your studio but were put off by the cost, then you might want to reconsider this.

Great solution @mr.roos. AC noise is annoyingly hard to solve- plus, it can be “transmitted” from any circuit on the same transformer. Thanks for posting

I’m a fan of Tripp Lite products – just used surge protectors. – industrial strength gear.