Academico Open Font License

I noticed that Academico is licenced under the SIL Open Font License.

  • Is there a repository or download link to this font?
  • Are there plans to add kyrillic chars?

At the moment, no, this font doesn’t have its own public repository, but that’s certainly something we could look into doing.

I don’t have any immediate plans to add the Cyrillic alphabet, but I would welcome any contributions.

There are of course other Open Source variants of Century Schoolbook that have source code available and Cyrillic characters.

Could a Dorico user use the academico font in published books?
I think it could be used as a ‘Time New Roman alternative’.
For example, I will work these books by using MS Word and Adobe InDesign etc.

It’s Open Font. You can read about SIL Open Font online to see the terms of the license.

Yes, it’s fine to use any SIL OFL-licensed font in any kind of publication.

Thank you!
Have a nice weekend!

Thank you for clarifying.