acapella sounds wrong when i import it into session

My buddy is using cubase 5.01, and we are trying to work out this problem, which i think is because of an incorrect sample rate that i dont know how to rectify.

basically, he imported an acapella and starting writing parts for the track, and the vocal was playing fine. He let this track go for a while and now wanted to start working on it again. Since then he changed his sound card and i think thats what has caused this problem:

In windows the acapella (which is a wav file) plays fine. when we import it into cubase and play it, it sounds like the vocals have dropped in pitch. I have tried changing the project settings and the sample rate and converting the acapella sample rate when i import it, but it is still sounding right.

Does anyone know how to rectify this problem?


Lots of typing with no real info. :confused:

What samplerate did you use to record it? What samplerate is the project set to now?

thanks for the reply. he didnt record it. it is a downloaded accapella. 128kbps mp3. no matter what setting i change his project to 44,16 - 44,24… it still plays differently in windows media player to inside cubase.

you say 44,16 44 24

Its the 44 bit you need to change thats the sample rate, the 16/24 bit is the sample size!

So try setting to 48KHz.

i worked out there is something wrong with the file when working in cubase, so i used an external audio converter to conevert the file to the same settings and imported it into cubase, and it works fine.
ideally steinberg should fix these little things up, but this little work-around is such a big deal…

That took over four months :laughing: