Acapella Sync

Hi! So I have been doing some remixes lately but I have run into a problem. I have a beat going and the rest of the song, but when I load the acapella, it doesn’t match the beat. I looked up the bpm for the songs, but it’s not at the bpm that I want it to be at. I have also tried beat calculator but that didn’t work. Please help!

Sometimes you gotta edit the vocal. Moving little chunks around instead of using time compression can sound better sometimes…many times. It can be tedious but it is work after all.
In the old days, we had to sample every vocal line into an external sampler (Akai S-1000’s) and
place the vocal line by line.

It can be done but you will need to figure out the tempo of the acapella first. Set that tempo in the pool or mediabay under the column that says tempo. Then change the file’s musical/linear setting to musical. Then it should follow the tempo of the project.

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@Rotund 's method worked for me, too.

Summary: Find out the tempo of the acapella audio. Go to pool, and set the tempo of the audio, then tick the “Musical Mode” box in the pool.