Accel between two metronome marks

Any ideas for producing this?tempo

If you input the accel from the beat after the q=92 up to the q=126, then select the accel and delete its text in the Properties panel, you should end up with just the continuation line (and it should still affect playback).

Alternatively, you could use a custom line if you wanted a different continuation design that you can’t achieve by editing the settings for gradual tempo change continuations (and draw in the accel in the Time track manually).

Ok, that’s part of it, but notice the stacked textual tempo as well. Would I need to fake that with a system object?

System text might indeed be simplest (with the required text formatting), as I don’t think you could have the metronome mark and the tempo direction at the same rhythmic position stacked vertically, and you’re already possibly running into multi-bar rest breaking issues with the accel. starting on beat 2.