Accel / rit amount in popover


It would be super nice if it was possible to control the amount of accelerando / ritenuto from the popover itself (like it is for tempo indication).

To give an example, it will be nice to be able to write in the popover “accel 150%” to have the value of the accelerando automatically set to 150% (rather than the 125% default).

Alternatively, it would be great if Dorico could look at last and next tempo indication between an accelerando / ritenuto, and calculate the appropriate amount automatically.

For instance, if a passage is at tempo q=60 and there another section with tempo indication q=120, it would be nice if when inserting an accel it will see the tempo is interpolated from q=60 to q=120 and automatically set the value of the accelerando to 200%.

Both this requests are “nice to have” but I agree there’s more pressing stuff. Just putting it out there.

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Thanks for the request. I agree this would be nice, and I’ve made a note of it.