Accent under start of slur - impossible?

I have a situation where Dorico (3.1 30 day eval version) is drawing a slur through the stem of a flat. When I get the slur shaped to my liking and avoiding the flat, there is a natural space for an accent between the first slurred note and the star of the slur. While Dorico allows me to move the accidental down, as soon as I position it, it moves it right back up again (in Engraver mode).

Can this be done?

I’ve attached a photo of the starting situation.


There is a setting in Engraving Options>Slurs to disallow slurs from intersecting flats & naturals, you don’t need to reshape those by hand. There is also a setting under Articulations to allow accents to go inside slurs, but that’s project-wide; I haven’t been able to find a way to just change one locally, sorry.

EDIT this is what Behind Bars has to say about it:

Articulation marks in the middle of a slur go inside the slur. Accents at the beginning and end of a slur usually go outside the slur, so that the slur can remain closer to the noteheads. > An exception is when they would otherwise be too far from a note to be immediately apparent.

In other words: your desire to be able to do this locally is quite justified.

If you flip the accent and then position it (and the slur) manually above, it will at least stick…

thank you both for very helpful replies! @fratveno - that did solve my problem and @hrnbouma - I was not aware of that setting, thank you!