Accents not playing back correctly?


I don’t think my accents are being played back correctly. Here is a specific example with an image attached. The instrument is a tenorline Virtual Drumline instrument through Kontakt 7 if that helps. I have the dynamics window open as well, with the focus being on measure 14 with the two accents on the part. I see there is no increase in dynamics on t he dynamics window on those accents, and I don’t hear anything difference on the playback. Is there a way to fix this through preferences? Thanks.

the dynamics lane will not show a difference with an accent. You need to look at the controller lane which is being used here (likely velocity, maybe CC1 or C11 etc). Then you should see a difference. If not, check that in “playback options”, the accent increase dynamic setting has not been zeroed or set to a low level

If you find in the controller lane that there is indeed a difference but you can’t hear it, then this is likely to be because the instrument itself is unable to differentiate this level of dynamic increase. Not knowing the Virtual Drumline, I unfortunately can’t help with specifics there. You could try to simply increase the setting in Playback Options above 1.00 – I myself do this for certain libraries.

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It’s likely that this instrument will be using note velocity for dynamics, in which case you should see the change in dynamic in the Velocity editor.

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exactly, but to be sure, you need to check the “volume dynamic” in the Expression map to see what the relevant instrument articulation is set to. For instance both my VSL and BBC SO libraries assign timpani to a CC so it’s far from invariably the case that it’s velocity.

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Here is the same part with the velocity editor. I see there is a change in velocity with the accents but was hoping for more, and overall I can’t really here a difference.

well, as I was saying, that’s likely to depend on the virtual instrument programming. Some instruments have different dynamic layers and you can sometimes hear no little or no difference until the next higher one is triggered which may need more than one Dorico dynamic level. So I’d suggest changing the level in the Playback Options (Library menu) → Dynamics–> Accent to 2.00 and see if that helps. Or simply experiment first of all in the Key Editor by dragging up the velocity line until you hear a difference.

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this worked, thanks!